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Warmish / 14 / cryogenic baby

oh, are we having cake?


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~intentionally delusional~
Hey guys and gals! I'm Warmish Winter, everyone's favorite self proclaimed racial slurry and professional xenophiliac, HAH. Enjoy your stay, or don't. I don't know anything about you, I mean, what am I, your local crime lord?

:campfire: by Shelagnoa [F2U] Mob ???% icon by Kziira

Hello I am a 14 year old chILd. I'm terrible and love *insert taboo thing here* stories and offensive humor.

Anyways, if you join me now, and I'm here long enough, you might be able to see a poorly written 14 year old grow into a poorly written dysfunctional adult, sounds cool, right?

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Everyones Favorite Racial Slurry!


nvm found powdered sugar crisis averted
cant find any mcfucking powered sugar and that's literally the only redeeming thing about these cookies because they're just shitty cardboard "snowballs" with powdered sugar on top and I fucking hate themmmmm and it's not like I'm gonna be eating them because 1 I don't like them and 2 they're for something my moms doing and 3 i GUESS NO ONES EATING THEM BECAUSE THERE'S NO POWERED SUGAR HHNNNNN Great
I gotta finish making some cookies and I can't find the instructions and I don't know if there are instructions hnnnnnnn
you make art just to keep yourself insane, and at least when you're insane you're not bored.

suicide is not an option, but I mean, you don't have to kill yourself to leave

then again.

deeg here's the thing I don't WANT to believe in a god because all gods that people came up with are shit, and there's that theory about how a god who loves you could exist if they also wanted you to have free will and do whatever you wanted but HERE'S THE FUCKING THING WE DON'T HAVE FREE WILL. SURE you could say that the reason bad things happen to you by other people is because we're all aLLOWED to do those bad things, we all have free will. BUT WE DON'T. We don't choose our age or our race or who we're attracted too or even what we like half the time, If a god is going to make all these complicated systems like emotions and attraction and kinks and fetishes and mental disorders and fucking molecules and fucking weather that can destroy everything no matter HOW GOOD OR BAD OF A PERSON YOU ARE then why isn't there some sort of complicated moral system built into each person? the best we get is empathy and even that has to be TAUGHT half the time by OTHER HUMANS and not everyone gets it and not everyone can FEEL IT. Don't feel glad that god gave you a good life because they fucking DIDN'T.  A GOOD LOVING GOD CAN EXIST AND WE CAN STILL DO BAD THINGS TO EACH OTHER BECAUSE THAT GOD WANTS US TO HAVE FREE WILL, SURE, BUT THAT DOESN'T EXPLAIN NATURAL DISASTERS AND COMPLICATED MENTAL ISSUES. And if we should all be able to KILL each other, why shouldn’t we also be able to rise from the dead? Or switch between life and death at random? I WOULD RATHER HAVE A HUMAN AS FUCK, FUCKED UP VERSION OF GOD THAN AN ALL LOVING PERFECT GOD BECAUSE THAT MEANS THEY KNOW THIS AND DON'T CARE. You can choose to do bad things to people, that's the "free will" that GOD gave you to, right? But if god REALLY wanted you to have the free will to do whatever you WANTED to do to live happily, then why can't people CHOOSE who they're attracted to and who they fall for the moment they see them, and why can't people just change their skin or eye or hair color if they decide they don't like it and why can't we all understand what happens to us in our minds.  Why can't we choose to live or die or come back from the dead. Why can't we choose whether or not we need to eat to survive, that wouldn't mess anything up, right? It would just mean we're all living the way we WANT to. There is no freedom like this that god gave us. God wants us to have the freedom to do anything, just so long as it doesn't fuck with whatever they've already decided we'll be like. So I'd rather there is no god at all, or that god is LIKE US, and GOD IS SO FUCKED UP. BEcause if they weren't that would just make this all the more terrible.

SURE god might not want us to be gods like them, but that doesn’t explain all the fucked up shit. It doesn’t explain the imperfectness. It doesn’t explain how some people are just BUILT to want to hurt others. It doesn’t explain how even though they love us soooo much that they want us to have the free will to DAMN OURSELVES TO HELL, there’s NO WAY TO KNOW THAT OTHER THAN BEING A PART OF A RELIGION. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOUR ACTIONS DO UNLESS YOU ARE PART OF A RELIGION THAT CLAIMS YOU ARE GOING TO GO TO HELL.

A baby born and raised in the woods by one person probably wouldn’t know that most have two, the same way they wouldn’t know that if they did something “bad” then they would go to hell.

God doesn’t TELL US, despite knowing and allowing all the bad things that people could do to

make sure that someone DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THE WHOLE HELL THING.

God didn’t take easy measures to make sure that no one could be tricked into going to hell.

That’s just cruel.

If it was so important then WHY. Why wouldn’t there be ANYTHING.

Anything that humans couldn’t destroy, because an all knowing, all loving god would know that some humans WOULD DESTROY. Something that all humans would be born with, knowing the rules so that they could decide whether or not to disobey them.

And what’s all this “Free will” talk about? This is GOD, to them being able to think probably hardly counts as free will at ALL. God could be or do ANYTHING. Half the time we can’t even decide our eye natural eye color, or who we like, or if our brains function properly or not. It’s like if someone had a batch of cookies, and broke off the tiniest crumb possible, devoid of chocolate, and expected to be praised and worshipped while humanity just starves to death clinging to that little crumb while being tossed around by weather and other animals and the dying earth because it’s all we have and all we’ll ever have.

It’s not free will to decide to run from a hurricane, free will would be to decide if that hurricane killed you or if it hit at all. And sure some people would want the hurricane there to spice things up and others wouldn’t but that’s just the conflict of humans not of what the humans can do. We would have the free will to stop a hurricane or not, and decide on which one we should do.

Why is the very thing we live on our natural predator, but also something we’ve made worse and that could kill us if we don’t stop.

I don’t even know if I covered the points I was TRYING to get at here, or if this makes any sense to anyone but I can’t continue because I’m so fucking tired.

I’m so tired.

I’m so tired of people asking me to thank god.

and after everything that's happened today I
I was fine
I was going to be fine I was gonna be ok
but now I just want to leave more than ever.
because I can't speak

one day me or someone else is gonna fuck up and I'm finally gonna get to indulge in my violent wishes. I just wanna hit someone with a book but nobody deserves that yet and I can't figure out how to do it in a way that wouldn't bring any scrutiny to me. maybe I'd be better off with sabotage but once again WHO would I do it to, and I mean even then I'm not really a master at it, how would I spread rumors without anyone finding out it was me.

actually wait shit there's a lot of ways to spread rumors secretly, I could just tape printed out notes talking about bullshit all over the place but one again, also I don't hate anyone enough to actually go through with that
I could
my favorite FNAF character is No. 1 Crate.
edit: no i take it back it's candy cadet.
ok no now it's Lefty

I will continue to update this with even more of my favorites soon because I am in a good mood and uhhhhh ffffuckin donoughts I want donuts
would office life be BETTER or WORSE with an annual "bring your crazy person to work" day, in which you brought the shittiest or craziest person you know to work and let em all have at it for a bit.
me, looking up "Sexy Luigi": Everything I've ever done, everything that has lead up to this point, has been a mistake. Sometimes I ask myself "Why? Why do you do these things? What went so very, very WRONG? What could you do to make it right?" but I truly do not know, nor do I think I ever will.
something I've noticed is that there are things in other people's art I don't care about that I wouldn't accept while making mine. And its almost never things that make the art look bad or anything, it just annoys me that I can't let it go, and they can, and they can make their art look great because of it it. anD THERE ARE STILL TONS OF SHIT I hate in my art bytfsdsdfdslkfjsdlifjdslfdfsf bUT THEIR's is FINE It could even be one of my favorite things ever and It annoys me hO w I can't make shit like that becauSE I KEEP CHANGING IT ANDFNSDIFHDSLF:HFFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK COMPLICATED REASONFSDFHISHGIFUSHF UGH THIS WHOLE PARAGRAPH IS PISSING ME OFF NOW BECAUSE I'M NOT DESCRIBING IT PROPERLY UGHOSIDFHSDLF

I despise things in my art that I don't actually think make others art worse and it annoys me that I can't see my art that way EVEN THOUGH I don't mind it in others, so it must not be tHAT BIG OF A PROBLEM.
SO I KEEP HAVING THESE THOUGHTS LIKE "If I made this wouldn't have done that" but not in a mean or condescending way, just noting how the other person was confident enough in their art that they don't needa' fidget around with it all the fuckin time  and I KNOW IT'S NOT THAT BIG OF A PROBLEM BUT FUCK FUCK FUCK aND THIS BASICALLY IS TOO LONGFFFFUCFUCKFUCKUGHSUDHGSGFFFFFUCK
Doodle Damps
sOmE stuff for a thing
I HAV E been drawing all this time, just not digitally. S o  yeah.
The la mentor has now become the Lamented
I was in such a nice mood today that I didn't even mind when an entire plate of steaming hot food fell into my lap and burned me heck.
my favorite response to any and all forms of opposition, may they be aggressive, defensive, or entirely neutral, is "BOI FUCKING WATCH ME"
opinions suck how about we stop having them and just deform into globs of fat on the floor cause you can't fight if your an immobile glob of fat with no consciousness.



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